Україна, 61010, м. Харків, вул. Малом'ясницька, 9/11 +38 (050) 444-08-82
Харківський технологічний університет «IT STEP»
Харківський технологічний університет «IT STEP»

Україна, 61010, м. Харків, вул. Малом'ясницька, 9/11

+38 (050) 444-08-82

Харківський технологічний університет «IT STEP»

Власні думки студентів, які навчаються у ХТУ “ШАГ”

Іноді, тим хто бажає дізнатися більше інформації про наш Університет, будь-то батьки, або майбутні абітурієнти, дуже цікаво поспілкуватися із діючими студентами, почути їх власну думку про навчання, про переваги та недоліки, про існуючи та перспективи, що плануються….
Тому ми провели опитування серед наших діючих студентів, які навчаються за інноваційною програмою на спеціальності 126 «Інформаційні системи і технології» у Харківському технологічному університеті «ШАГ», більш того, результати опитування наведені БЕЗ будь-яких корекцій та виправлень з боку керівництва Університету та представлені англійською мовою.

I appreciate that my parents can offer me studying in such a smart university Kharkiv University of Technology “STEP”. After finishing a school, I didn’t even know where do I want to study for real. Fortunately, my mom has found an announcement that KhUT “STEP” is becoming something bigger than IT-Academy. Afterwards I submitted my documents immediately, anyway there weren’t any other good options. Furthermore, after studying here for half year I can say, that my choice 5 months before was absolutely right. KhUT “STEP” is an IT-University that consists everything it needs: multi-budget equipment, qualified teachers, well thought out program and of course a strict rector. So, if you really have a doubt about your further education and looking for a good University, you are welcome!

Anton Kucha

What is modern technology? And how does it affect our daily life? In our time, modern man can hardly imagine his life without any technologies. Be it a completely new invention, or a well-forgotten old. Each of us chooses himself how to relate to this or that gadget. As for me, I am absolutely sure that gadgets make our life easier, because you can do several things at the same time, while completely saving time and space, because one small device can hold much information.

My name is Liana. I am a second-year student at Kharkiv university of technology “STEP”, I have been doing the Degree at “Information systems and technologies” for six months. During this time, I have discovered a lot of new and interesting things, improved my software knowledge, learned how to work in MYSQL and much more. A certain percentage of people think that modern inventions make us lazier. I do not agree with this, and during my time studying at KhTU “STEP” I realized one thing: knowledge of technology is a huge step forward and a sign that humanity does not stand still, but is constantly evolving. In conclusion, I believe that it is KhTU “STEP” that gives such an opportunity to learn new things in the field of IT.

Liana Akopyan


KhTU “STEP” is a good University for those, who want to get high-quality knowledge. Excellent lecturers and teachers. They are trying to find an individual approach to each student and it pleases. Also, they often hold interesting trainings and master-classes on self-development and technologies topics. They try to propel us into new, prestigious world by participating in various conferences (with speaking’s). Also we can contact with our lecturers and teachers at any time. I advise you to enter this University.

Vlad Krys’


I am pleased that I became a student of KhUT “STEP”, I realized that I was taking the right step towards building my IT career. This is a very good university for those students who want to get quality knowledge. This university is really what I need. The teachers are trying to bring knowledge to each student. Teachers can also not only tell theories, but also give a lot of practical advice. They often spend useful trainings on technology topic. I hope that you will enter the KhUT “STEP”!

Nikita Zabolotny

To begin with let me introduce myself. My name is Anastasia Pugach and I am a happy student of Kharkiv University of Technology “STEP”. You can ask me why I’m “happy student”? That is cause before this university I have studied at NURE so I have what to compare with.
At NURE I had too many unnecessary items such as: philosophy, physical education, culture and etc. That’s why I decided to quit this university.
Also, I have hadn’t time for something essential and our exam weeks were always on holidays and that was awful. Besides, there were hard for understanding and boring lectures. It is undeniable that in KhUT “STEP” you always will be to have teachers’ attention and only the necessary courses and enough time to prepare for classes.

To conclude with I am very rejoice that I entered to Kharkiv University of Technology “STEP”. In a few months I’ve obtained much more knowledge than before. I think this is a good indicator of quality.

Anastasia Pugach


My name is Valentine. I am a student of KHARKIV UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY “STEP”. This is one of the most advanced educational institutions of Ukraine. Highly qualified specialists are working here. The university is equipping with advanced classrooms and has great modern computer equipment. This university provides a sought-after specialist on the modern market.

Valentine Bulgakov


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